26. Map of India (Physical & Political)

As shown above in the Map of India (physical and political), the main functioning of the country’s executive, legislative and the judiciary government bodies functions from the Central Parliament, called Parliament House that is situated in New Delhi. It is also known as ‘Sansad Bhavan’ in the local parlance. New Delhi is the central government or the heart of the country, from where the body of the whole country gets the necessary signals and commands to function.
On the upper most side of our country i.e. North-east side, we have the mammoth Himalayan mountain range. Towards the south, we have the mighty Oceans; the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian sea and down the Indian Ocean, surrounding our country from all the three sides.

A nation or a sub-continent called the Indian sub-continent that is surrounded by the mighty oceans on the three sides that encompasses a beautiful, huge landmass called India, is really a big gift of nature. It is really our good luck and forbearance, that we are fortunate enough to live in such a ‘Nature Protected Landmark’ that has been there since the evolution of mankind, showcasing the ‘best of the Oriental Culture & Civilization.’ Everybody is aware of the ‘importance & impact of our nature, culture and civilization’ on the whole world. We have been bequeathed the ‘most advanced & developed culture and civilization’ from our ancestors. We all should feel proud of being born in this nation of ours. In a few years from now on for which I have already given my prophecy, India will stand as the ‘only stable and developed nation in the world’ that will also surpass China and the U. S. to become the most developed nation of the world from the year 2020, onwards. There is definitely no doubt in this prophecy, if India continues making such a kind of progress, that its making now in every sphere of the economy; social, economical and political. This is a finality and there should not be any doubt  regarding this, is what I want to request to these Vaastu Pundits, who should include and inculcate these facts about our nation in all the Vaastu related Literature, whether written or said, that has come down to this generation, with its falsified, ambiguous and confusing notions & facts about India, whether related to the miscomprehension of the ancient Vaastu Shastra of India or the so called ‘stereotype myths’ that have been associated with our culture and civilization.

In order to make the public understand the theories and principles of Vaastu, it is essential that we ourselves first learn about the true significance of Vaastu related real conceptions rather than misquote or misrepresent facts about our country or about Vaastu, creating doubts in the minds of the people due to our own unclear doubts that we harbor in our minds and hearts. This was my exact objective when I demonstrated through the figure of ‘Vaastu Purush’ ‘illustration, that has been given by me, just at the start of the initial chapter about Vaastu and Saral Vaastu. You have to understand my objective of trying to clear all ‘clogged information and ill conceived information’ that has been given through years, by all kinds of Vaastu pundits who have propagated these ‘falsified notions’ since times immemorial. To clarify and clear the misconception and falsification, of our renowned ancient science of Vaastu, through hearsay and wrong understanding, my prime objective and motto.

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