23. More Suggestions & Additional Information On Vaastu, Through Saral Vaastu

As per the prevailing Vaastu Shastra principles, under no condition, should a ‘Staircase’ be constructed in the middle of the house or placed as such. Additionally, the ‘steps’ should be from the ‘East to West’ or from the ‘South to the North’. The Staircase should not face the main door. Further the Staircase should not be in Northeast, nor should the Staircase be near the vicinity of the Main Door of the House. And if by heavens or any other chance it is there, its best to ‘break it down’ as mentioned in the popularly circulated Vaastu Shastra related books, available widely. Many Vaastu experts refer to these books when giving advice to their clientele, where they also elaborate upon the need to construct new structures in place of the old ones or reconstruct the old ones;

One or two, among the many other such destructive, advises given in plenty, by these and numerous self-proclaimed experts, who tend to mislead their clients completely, by giving untrue, unsolicited and uncalled for advises that the vulnerable and fearful people fall for, in fear of the doom that lay ahead, if they don’t listen to or pay heed to these unscrupulous, pseudo Vaastu experts. Saral Vaastu on the other hand offers simple solutions for your genuine Vaastu related issues. The steps suggested by the Saral Vaastu expert and by us, would not involve any breakage or renovation of the Staircase in order to get rid of any Vaastu defect. In fact for eg. Some special mirrors placed strategically in such a manner as to nullify the ill-effects of a defective staircase; would be our simple remedy of Saral Vaastu.

Some popular Vaastu experts may give unsolicited and totally unacceptable advice, that some tree or trees may be causing hindrance in the path of the positive energy coming in, the resultant remedy being the ‘cutting away of a tree or all trees and green cover ‘so as to avoid them being in the wrong direction of the site or if by any chance the greenery faces the Main Door of the house. This type of ‘wanton and reckless advice as well as action’ totally negates the cause of the environment and disturbs the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature that no genuine Vaastu related literature or real Vaastu pundit can justify. Even otherwise trees, flora and fauna are considered sacrosanct in any civilization or culture and even otherwise they help in protecting the environment and all the species in the world. I request you all personally not to indulge in these kinds of cruel, wicked and inhumane acts that will bring immense sin upon you and us all, that no penance in the world however severe, hope to compensate for such dastardly acts of vandalism and unconcern for nature.

There are several benefits that we get out of planting and upkeeping of natural resources such as plants, flowers, bushes, saplings, fruit giving plants etc that purify our environment, induce rainfall due to the dense forest cover in turn, providing cool environment in both urban and rural scenarios, providing shade to weary and tired travelers, revelers alike. The beauty of the landscape is also increased due to adequate flora and fauna as Nature becomes your true real friend and if we name the abundant green cover landscape around us as bounties of the famed ‘Kalpavruksha’, then it wont be any oddity or strange nomenclature. Saral Vaastu provides us with simple solutions and remedies as mentioned earlier, that overcomes all these ‘intruding’ Vaastu Defects that could be solved through “Saral Vaastu” simple, scientific and logical solutions.

Showing trees jutting out from the landscape in front of the Main Door.

The popular Vaastu Shastra texts clarify that there should not be any tree or bushes, in front of the Main Gate or in the vicinity of the Main Gate of the house. This is amply made clear and understood by all but to cut away or hack away the complete full grown tree from the roots, would be a deed of ‘complete stupidity’ and ‘carelessness’, that would definitely cause mishaps or bad results in return. To avert this ill-effect of tree cutting, Saral Vaastu advises simple and easy solutions to mitigate these problems. Saral Vaastu doesn’t recommend any kind of tree cutting or pruning to remove Vaastu Defects in the house.

Showing barren landscape in front of the Main Door, except the ‘Stop Sign on the road.

The ‘Living Room’ or the ‘Drawing Room’ in the house is an important place of the house or part of the house, that has a direct bearing or impact upon the members inhabiting the household. The couch or sofa set, other accompanying furniture, electronic goods, displays and all paraphernalia present in the room have their own importance in Vaastu Science. Sometimes almost inadvertently and unknowingly, they may act as man made interference or obstruction in the path of the free flow of energy or power sources in the house or if situated very near to the door, can sometimes cause complete overshadowing of the entry of the energy flow in the household. It is therefore very important to know what kind of decorative items we can keep or hang in the drawing room as it may cause immense harm to all the members of the household, if it blocks the flow of energy from its natural course. Thus it is very important under these circumstances to consult Saral Vaastu experts in such cases of extreme urgency.

When we construct a house, we understand that the location or situation of the Puja room is very important as per the Vaastu of the house. The Direction of the Puja room or Puja space, what it should be, or should it be changed, that I have already talked about it, in detail. According to the Vaastu Shastra books and as per certification by the ‘purohits’ or ‘pundits’ both Vaastu and Temple pujaris, have given their consent in not having the Puja room, under any circumstances in the North-east direction at all. Further, the platform on which we keep the idols or images of the gods and goddesses, should not be located in a space below the staircase, neither above or below the ‘toilets’ washrooms & utilities rooms’ nor should it touch the walls of the toilet.

The very important reason given for this above being, God & Goddesses or the Almighty’s images or idols, are the sources of positive energy and the places mentioned above, produce in abundance negative energy, as well as being the source of negative energy being produced. If both of them are situated next to each other, then their opposite, contrasting energies may result in causing undue and unprovoked agony to the hearts and minds of people who inhabit the household but with their opposing behavioral characteristics, going against the negative power of these sources may play havoc with the psychological conditioning and mind set of the people living in the house causing intense mental upheavals and other psychological problems. The people in the household will be forever suffering from mental stress and mental peace and tranquility will always avoid them. If this point is noted well before, at the planning stages itself of the house as well as the Puja room, the construction will be Vaastu perfect with no defects and completely free from any kind of impending future mental turmoil, ensuring complete peace, harmony and tranquility at home.

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