21. Saral Vaastu for a Bright Academic Future for the Students – It’s Contribution

As mentioned before, every person has four favorable and four unfavorable Directions. This is applicable for students as well. Students who follow their favorite directions, during the academic year, can achieve favorable results, better than before. However, one should also ensure that there be no other accompanying Vaastu Defects in the study room otherwise it would have detrimental effect on the student’s studies. Students should have a Study Place in their room, where the Goddess of Education, Ma Saraswati should reside. If there is a problem with the Study place or its positioning in the house, then there would be definite setbacks in academics for the students.

I have delivered special talks in many colleges for the benefit of the students. Due to this thousands of students have incorporated the principles of Saral Vaastu in their lives, thereby getting loads of name and fame in their student lives, as well as for their further career lives. There are numerous examples, regarding these instances of having an everlasting and fulfilling life and career due to Saral Vaastu implementation in their lives. If any additional information is required regarding these successful students and their details then you are most welcome to contact our offices in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat for additional details.

According to Saral Vaastu, a house has got a special place for health, wealth, fame, career, marriage, relationship, creativity, education etc. The north-east zone represents the ‘Saraswati’ or education / knowledge place or section. If this particular zone goes missing from the house or if there is an impediment in the shape of a toilet / bathroom at that spot, then the students will definitely have to face problems in their educational life and education, no matter how intelligent or scholarly they are or have been.

Once while delivering a lecture at talk in Bangalore, a student asked me, “Sir as mentioned by you, I could make the necessary changes in my house and my study room, according to my favorable direction and get the desired benefits, but it would be totally impossible to do the changes in the examination hall or room. So what can be done in this regard?” This being a very important and just question and that too coming from a student, was very hard to ignore. Let me explain with the help of a picture illustration, how to go about it.

vastu for student

As shown in Figure 1, if the student’s examination table faces North and the student sits straight, then it would mean that the student is facing the North.

According to Figure 2, if the North is one of the unfavorable directions for the student, then he or she needs to turn just a little to his right, so that he faces the North-east. (It will certainly benefit the student, provided North-east happens to be among his or her favorable directions).

vastu for student

As shown in Figure 3, If North-west happens to be a student’s favorable direction, then he can turn a little bit to his left so that he faces the North-West. This is how Saral Vaastu gives simple solutions, to complex Vaastu defects, so readily and so easy to implement that it could be adopted anywhere and anyplace without any modification, external or internal or for that matter breakages of any kind.

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