27. The Impact of External Defects of Environment on the House & the Importance of Saral Vaastu in This Regard

Depicting a Full Grown Tree- Growth, Just Opp. To the Householder

As shown in the illustrated figure, there is a big tree near the Main Door of the house. As explained earlier, there is no need to cut down the tree or prune it. The simple, scientific, solutions of Saral Vaastu can take care of all these and many imperfections, without changing the landscape or flora of the place concerned. Without any visible alterations or renovations, Saral Vaastu can provide permanent Vaastu solutions to the various Vaastu defects, present in the house or workplace.

The impact of external defects of environment

Depicting a Transformer & Electric Cables With Tower, Over a House

A transformer or electrical cable tower, passing over or in between houses, is a strict ‘no-no’ that should not be there ideally, neither at the front nor the back side of the house or even a simple electric pole situated next to the house may cause immense disturbances or disharmony in the household, leading to ‘financial disability’ and ‘financial sudden upheaval’. Apart from financial disharmony, there may be acute ‘health issues’ or sudden major or minor illnesses or sicknesses, afflicting all or some of the members of the family, continuously on and off, without any justifiable reason. All these mentioned problems and issues, if ‘inevitably’ they strike somebody in the household, then our ‘knight is shining armor’ – Saral Vaastu, come to the rescue.

Depicting a Flyover, Passing Just Beyond the House or Passing Nearby

As shown in the figure above, if a ‘Flyover’ or ‘Over bridge’, passes very near to the house or just beyond the house, then it causes immense conflicts in the household for which Saral Vaastu has got a solution to cure or get over these kinds of issues. Inevitability may happen anytime, but Saral Vaastu’s simple, scientific and totally secure, easy to apply solutions can solve any Vaastu defects, making them clear and disappear from our homes and establishments, in no time at all.

Depicting a Roundabout & Crossroad, Near the House or Passing Over

In cities because of shortage of space and proliferation of cardboard cities and building structures, houses or flats falling near the Roundabouts or Crossroads are sometimes, inevitable. Houses situated, just near the Circle, are a cause of unfortunate disturbances and conflicts in the family pertaining to Health, Wealth, Finance & Mental Disturbances, that may occur now and then, in plenty. People may get frustrated due to all these reasons or more and may try to sell their houses or flats at a loss, in order to shift from that place thus getting financial loss and mental tension. By just implementing Saral Vaastu procedure and solutions, immense relief would be generated in the household that would eventually put an end to all the malaise present in the house, thus effectively freeing the inhabitants from all ills.

In the above figure, the houses falling at the interjection of the Roundabout or Circle Crossing, can face a varied problems like the prosperity as well as the property siphoned off or going out of the house through misadventure or loan or under any kind of fallacy, No Saving Process of any member of the household successful, under any circumstances. Saral Vaastu comes to the rescue, but the sooner its concepts are inculcated and worked upon the household, the easier it is for the family members to breathe in freely, without any issues or problems. Saral Vaastu is the ‘Real Panacea’ to ‘lost and defeated family members’ who are not even aware about the reason behind the sudden misfortune.

Depicting Staircase in Front of the Main Door or Next to It & It’s Impact

If a ‘Staircase’, is coming next to the Main Door as shown in the above figure or below it or for that matter, beside it; then it will cause huge financial loss and retention of wealth at home, will not be  possible at all and no savings can happen, under any circumstances in the entire household.

Depicting a Road in Front of the House, Causing Vaastu Defects & Problems.

As shown in the figure above, if there is a road running in front of the house , just outside the Main Gate of the house, facing the Main Door then this is a very serious omission as ideally one should not have a house constructed just beyond or beside or adjacent to a road as it is a very serious Vaastu Defect that may cause, the financial position of the ‘Breadwinner’ or the ‘householder’ to waver and decrease drastically or it may suddenly without any reason fluctuate rapidly, going up and coming down without any apparent reason, causing enough distress to the whole family as well as the ‘Karta.’

Splay Road in Front of Main Door of the House

As shown in the above figure, if any building, house or office situated in front of such splay road then it might be the cause of minor or major accidents or unfortunately, family members of such home have to bare unwanted suffering or torment. Thus, number of disturbances can be emerged due to this defect. Peace of mind, heartiness and tranquility of family members could be lost. One should avoid preferring to have any kind of construction situated nearer or in front of such roads. If it is not possible then no option is available for this; but fortunately, Saral Vaastu’s easy solutions with scientific approach are really worth for getting rid from such problems and very wonderful and happy results can be received by adopting Saral Vastu.

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