16. The Main Gate Of The House In North East – It’s Importance & Relevance

As has been the established norm and custom duly propagated by the various books and literature available on Vastu Shastra, people prefer to have the Main Gate of their house in North east facing corner, blindly considering it an auspicious direction. I have seen numerous cases and instances where the Main Gate was needlessly and unnecessarily, relocated to the North-East Direction. We have to remember that the compound gate of a bungalow or independent house can be constructed anywhere and in whichever direction one fancies, as long as its entrance does not come or fall in a straight line with the main entrance of the house or bungalow.

The Scientific reason for this is that the Energy comes in a straight line with great force and power, which may create untoward happenings & all sorts of disturbances for the inhabitants residing in that particular house or bungalow.

If it is not at all possible to have an idealistic situation where the main gate or entrance does not fall in a straight line with the main door or the construction has not been done accordingly, the people need not worry as the simple, scientific solutions of Saral Vaastu as well as the Saral Vaastu concepts or Principles, would always be there to get over this problem, through easy to apply Saral Vaastu remedial solutions. One of the remedies to avoid this kind of a situation from affecting us at all, would be to have the main entrance gate to the bungalow or house in such a manner so as to reach the Main door of the house, in a ‘zig-zag’ kind of a manner ie the path of the main door should not reach the path of the main entrance in a straight line or aligned way and for this to happen, in the construction stages itself, care should be taken to see that alignment doesn’t happen at all.

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