11. The Old House Structures Had The Toilets, Outside The Main House

In the olden days, our ancestors and forefathers used to live in houses, where the toilet was situated outside the house, due to its production of negative energy; so as to effectively safeguard the inhabitants from the effect of negativity falling upon their lives. But today, we have done just the opposite. We have constructed toilets and washrooms inside the house for convenience and luxury, even if we have a large independent house where ‘attached toilets and bathrooms’ are the norm. We are, in fact so preoccupied with the construction of the toilets inside the houses, that we are not at all bothered about their impact on our lives and the backlash, they are inflicting upon us.

To make it more badly, we find that one toilet and bathroom attached to the ‘Master Bedroom’ in modern constructions as well as having a toilet and bathroom attached to every room that is considered a ‘hip and happening hotel style architectural planning’. Sometimes we find the toilet or washrooms or both, attached to the kitchen or the puja room. This kind of convenient house planning is in fact, full of vaastu defects, overflowing of negative energy, filling up our lives inadvertently so that petty quarrels, slugging growth, strife, tension, anxiety, unable to sleep, insomnia and other diseases of lifestyle act upon each and every person in the family, sooner or later. This modern kind of living, based on the concept of positive andative energy, has so much abundance of negative energy emanating from the attached toilet with the bedroom concerned, that becomes far inferior to an ordinary bedroom that does not have the ‘luxury of having an attached toilet’, with the bedroom.

We spent a substantial part of our day in the bedroom, especially in the night for sleeping, watching television or even interacting with the family. Since the toilet is attached to the bedroom, different people use it very often. So, when we open the toilet door, the negative energy spreads into the bedroom and around the house, bringing about myriad health problems to those inhabiting the bedrooms. The results are all for people to see. In the so called’ Ultra-modern age’, we notice that our elders at the age of their 70’s and 80’s, did not suffer from as many ailments as those young and middle aged people in the family do, at their age of 30’s and 40’s nowadays, in their stressed out lives. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, stamina problems, kidney and gall bladder stones, sleep deprivation, insomnia, depression and other health problems, have become the buzz words of our stressful lives these days. Earlier, nobody had even heard of them afflicting the people. My deep analysis of these phenomenon says, that so much of proliferation of negative energy is there in our day to day existence that we come across in our homes and even during the time we take rest or sleep to energize our 7 Chakras through sleeping peacefully, the negative energy present in our bedrooms due to the attached toilets and washrooms permeate the positive energy that we gain through sleeping in our best favorable direction so that even after getting adequate rest, we are not able to get the desired energy levels to sustain us, throughout the rigors of the day.

Today we have to think about the possible ways and means in order to mitigate or lessen the negative energy flowing around us in our homes and workplaces. It is true that we cannot escape from the realities of our lives and we have to live in the modern flats, apartments, condominiums, row houses kind of dwellings where we cannot alter any structural construction, but within our means if we utilize Saral Vaastu concepts and principles then without any breakages or renovations, we will be able to increase the positive energy sources in our homes and workplaces, reduce the negative energy sources or do away with them altogether, so that we and our family members have a healthy, peaceful, satisfied and content life with a ‘livable lifestyle’, rather than a forceful lifestyle thrust upon us by contemporary circumstance. This is how we will enjoy our lives to the fullest and worth living.

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