14. The South-West Direction How Does It Favour Head Of Family and Karta ?

As according to the presently practiced Vaastu, the householder or the breadwinner (Karta), should have his bedroom situated in the South-west corner of the house. But in case if it’s not, there is absolutely no need to renovate or do away with the bedroom altogether. It is suggested that the bedroom be free from unwanted clutter like spoilt electrical components, electronic gadgets, old disused & used newspapers, magazines and unused wasteful material, lying here and there. All of these kind of mess, increases the negative energy and creates health problems in plenty. It is suggested that all the unused and unneeded things as mentioned, should be kept in a proper ‘store room’ free of clutter and mess.

It is highly preferable if the bedroom does not have an attached bathroom or toilet, especially the master bedroom where the householder sleeps and takes rest. If the bedroom has a mirror, it should be kept covered at night because the mirrors increase the positive energy in the daytime but alternatively generates greater negative energy at night. If the negative energy increases in the night when we sleep in our bedrooms, then we will be taking in more and more of negative energy, creating health problems for ourselves, all the more. In short there should be minimal negative energy generation in the house during the night time, so that everybody’s 7 Chakras are activated.

Here it is very important to note that the bedroom should not have any pictures of Gods and Goddesses or images as wall hangings or idols, being depicted in ‘terrifying aggressive poses’. There should not be any painting or hanging depicting war, blood, strife or aggression of any kind. There is a proverb in Sanskrit that goes – ‘Yad bhavo tath bhavati’, meaning-‘ whatever appears in your mind will materialize’. This could be explained further, if we keep pictures or displays on the walls depicting battle scenes or war scenes, then it may motivate us to become aggressive and short -tempered. We may unnecessarily pick up quarrels, with our near and dear ones, without any reason. This may also lead to unnecessary differences between couples, encouraging them to be quarrelsome. Also in our culture, when womenfolk are pregnant the photograph of Lord Krishna is kept in their bedrooms, so that the unborn child even in its mother’s belly, may get the same positive energy. It is also suggested that the posters / calendars / paintings / wall-hangings / images etc. Displayed in the bedrooms, should not depict ‘water bodies in any form – fountains, rains etc ‘nor there be any aquarium or artificial water fountain’, in the bedrooms. In nature, Water is considered a very powerful element, that allows no other energy source to enter the same area, in which it is there.

It is necessary that the household members make sure to put up or keep elements or images, displays, wall -hangings etc that promote a peaceful environment such as twin birds, statutes of Shiva and Parvati, Lord Krishna and Radha etc. Also based on our individual Date of Birth, we should ensure that we keep our heads towards one of our own beneficent directions, for a healthy and peaceful life. There is no need to fear, even if the bedroom is not in the South-west direction of the house.

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